About our cuisine
Being sandwiched between China and India resulted in the inevitable cross-cultural mixing. Hence, Nepalese cooking imbibed subtle and distinct Indian and Tibetan flavours.

Over the centuries, Nepalese cooking picked the best of its two neighbours: take for example, our mouth-watering Momos that blend in the Tibetan influence but with a Nepalese twist. Or take our succulent sekuwa(barbecued meat) tempered with selected fine spices and herbs from both its North and South or Thali components which are mildly flavoured with Szechuan pepper... and here at L'Everest we combine this time honoured tradition with some of our own innovations.

Himalayan style
What we offer is truly Himalayan. A fine balance between the Indian and Tibetan.... that is native to the soil of Nepal yet it draws upon the best of the neighbouring influences”. “Nepali cuisine is far easier on the palate and metabolism in terms of the degree of spiciness. We refrain from using readymade powdered spices and artificial colours.
Highly recommended!